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Cinedigm Corp. (NASDAQ: CIDM) is the leading independent entertainment studio in North America, widely recognized for its film/TV/digital production, digital cinema, OTT channels, and content and marketing distribution.
Cinedigm Divisions
Cinedigm has strategic relationships with over 60,000 physical retail storefronts and digital platforms, including Wal-Mart, Target, iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon, as well as national cable and satellite Video On Demand (VOD), with an impressive distribution footprint that reaches 93% of all connected devices in the United States. The company’s vast content library boasts over 52,000 feature films and television episodes.
Cinedigm manages and operates nine unique digital-first networks under its Digital Networks Group banner, including the fandom lifestyle channel, CONtv; the martial arts lifestyle channel, COMBAT GO; the documentary network, Docurama; the family-friendly channels Dove and Dove Kids; the female-focused millennial network, Gatherer; the Asian pop culture channel, HALLYPOP; the esports outlet, WHAM. This division oversees the development and production of premium content and collaborations geared toward broadcast, cable, telco, diginets, web, mobile, and other multi-platform offerings.
Cinedigm’s Digital Cinema pioneered digital cinema for U.S. exhibition by negotiating distributor/exhibitor agreements that offset theatre conversion costs. The company’s innovative virtual print fee (VPF) formula, spurred digital rollouts for the entire exhibition industry, and is now deployed across nearly 12,000 digital screens. The company’s partners include: 20th Century Fox, Disney, DreamWorks, Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, Universal, Warner Brothers, Weinstein, and hundreds of Independent distributors worldwide.
About Cinedigm
60,000 Retail Storefronts and Digital Platforms
Industry Leading OTT Network Distributor
Library of Over 52,000 Films and TV Episodes
Cinedigm powers custom content solutions to the world’s largest retail, media and technology companies. The global company provides premium feature films and series to digital platforms including Netflix, Amazon, Xumo, Roku, Vizio, Dish/Sling, Apple, and Google plus cable/satellite providers including Comcast, Dish Network and DirectTV in addition to major retailers including Wal-Mart and Target. Leveraging Cinedigm’s unique capabilities, content and technology, the company has emerged as a leader in the fast-growing digital-first channel business, with seven networks under management that reach hundreds of millions of devices while also providing premium content and service expertise to the entire digital-first ecosystem. With reciprocal distribution partnerships in both the United States and China, Cinedigm’s growing stable of platforms has unprecedented availability in the two largest markets in the world
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