Digital Cinema Excels with Cinedigm
Cinedigm pioneered the digital conversion of the theatrical exhibition industry and currently services digital cinema assets on over 12,000 movie screens in North America and several international countries.
Key Components of Digital Cinema
VPF Program
Cinedigm’s Digital Cinema Division helped launch the theatrical digital exhibition transition from traditional film prints by creating Virtual Print Fee model and deploying digital projection systems to over 1,000 Movie theatres in the US and Canada.
Digital Cinema Partners
Cinedigm partnered with all of the major movie studios, hundreds of Independent distributors, and over 700 movie theater exhibitors across the US, Canada, Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand to help make the digital cinema transition viable in the U.S. and International markets.
The Digital Cinema Division continues to provide monitoring, billing, collection, verification, and other management services in these markets.
Contact Us
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