Cinedigm's Worldwide Distribution
As the largest independent studio in North America, with special access into the Chinese market, Cinedigm distributes content across every key platform, including theatrical releases, home entertainment, physical formats (DVD, Blu-ray, 4K, disc-on-demand), digital offerings, cable and satellite VOD, and broadcast television.
52,000 Movies + TV Shows
Over 650 Partners
80,000+ Hours of Film
Cinedigm provides technical expertise for the management and distribution of thousands of content pieces around the world on a daily basis, from package creation, encoding, and transporting, to storage, troubleshooting, and consulting.
Cinedigm’s internal reporting team is responsible for monitoring and maintaining detailed delivery metrics across 50+ platforms, complete with territory auditing, and royalty reports – all accessible via a proprietary client portal.
Cinedigm has a full-service marketing department able to develop art and promotional units, in-store placements, press releases, and social media for content partners, whether for theatrical releases, home entertainment, or licensed properties.
Cinedigm’s extensive physical, traditional, and digital distribution capabilities span cable, retail, satellite, theatrical, and OTT/VOD platforms, empowering studios, independent filmmakers, and content partners with turnkey distribution capabilities.
Content Creation
Cinedigm invests in the next generation of filmmakers by working with forward-thinking talent and leveraging the company’s extensive market expertise to develop commercially viable content for both digital and physical distribution.
Branded OTT/ Apps/ Channels
Cinedigm’s experience and infrastructure has made the company an industry leader in the OTT space, with an array of successful digital-first channels including CombatGO, CONtv, Docurama, Dove Channel, Dove Kids, Gatherer, HallyPop, and WHAM.
Contact Us
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